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Learn to play the Indian Bamboo Flute (Bansuri)

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I am offering teachings under the “Auroville Art Service“. With you participation you are also supporting the development of the International Township of Auroville.


Due to the Covid-19 situation the group classes in Auroville might still be restricted (e.g. number of participants etc.), so please get in contact for more details.

Private lessons online are possible without restrictions, of course (details below).


Private Online Lessons & Group Classes


Flute classes in Auroville

Tue 15:00-16:00
Fri 15:00-16:00

400 INR (Guests)200 INR (AV Volunteers)
free contribution for Aurovillians, Newcomers and Local Villagers!

Sign up
The number of participants for each class is restricted to 5. If you want to be sure to get a place, please contact me and wait for a confirmation. Drop in is possible at any time though. Contact: +9I 9I 5o5 67oo3 (need to copy by hand, copy-past not possible) or you can use the contact form.


Private Lessons (also Online!)

Rates for single lessons

1 hour private lesson
2000 INR (Guests + Internationals)1500 INR (Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)

1/2 hour private lesson
1050 INR (Guests + Internationals)800 INR (Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)

Rates for monthly contribution

When paying monthly in advance, I do offer a little discount plus free access to the member area on the webpage.

1 hour OR 2 times 1/2 hour per week
8000 INR (instead of 8700 for Guests + Internationals)
6000 INR (instead of 6525 for Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)

1/2 hour per week
4200 INR (instead of 4567 for Guests + Internationals)
3200 INR (instead of 3480 for Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)


Payments from foreign countries can be made easily via TransferWise. We have good experience with this service already. If you are interested, please send me a message with your tel.number via the contact formĀ  …here.



North Indian Classical (Hindustani), Jazz & more

I do offer lessons for various styles of music on the Indian Bamboo Flute, the Bansuri. My personal background is Jazz on the guitar, but I recognized the Bansuri as a fully mature instrument on which you can play all sort of musical styles. In this way I want to promote the Bansuri as an instrument, but also the possibility to get truly into the Indian Classical Music as well.

In my teachings I can cover:

  • fundamental technique to control the instruments
  • usage of a drone to get good intonation
  • usage of metronome to develop rhythm feel
  • music theories, but practical playing approach goes first
    – North Indian Hindustani Classical Music (Taal, Raag)
    – Jazz & Western Music (general music theory)
  • … and much more, due to the needs of the participants