Learn to play the Indian Bansuri (bamboo flute) – Open Classes in Auroville & Private Lessons (online)
– Hindustani Classical, Jazz Music and other Styles –


Flute classes in Auroville

15:00-16:00  Warm-ups & Alaap (good for beginners also)
16:00-17:00  Aspects of Indian Music & Jazz (improvisation, raag, taal, intonation, scales, playing some compositions etc)

Drop in is possible at any time, flutes available to borrow or buy.
I always get flutes from Kanti Patel in Bombay, please check his website … here.
Usually I carry a stock of medium A-Flutes with me, I pass them on for the same price.


TLC Basecamp, Auroville
links to the destination … on OpenStreetMaps, … on GoogleMaps

free contribution for Aurovillians, Newcomers and Local Villagers!
For one hour:
300 INR (International Guests) – 200 INR (AV Volunteers & Indian Nationals)
For two hours together:
500 INR (International Guests) – 300 INR (AV Volunteers & Indian Nationals)

Sign up
The number of participants for each class is restricted. If you want to be sure to get a place, please contact me and wait for a confirmation. Drop in is possible at any time though.


Private Lessons (also Online!)

Rates for single lessons
– 1 hour private lesson
2000 INR (Guests + Internationals) – 1500 INR (Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)
– 1/2 hour private lesson
1050 INR (Guests + Internationals) – 800 INR (Aurovillians, Volunteers, Indian Nationals)

Sharing possible
You are also welcome to share your private lesson with friends, so you can also share the costs. Only condition from my side is that there is one single person to book and pay the lessons.

International transaction
Payments from foreign countries can be made easily via Wise (former “TransferWise”). We have good experience with this service already, but there are several of such services.



The Indian Bamboo Flute, the Bansuri, is great to learn via online lessons. The sound of this flutes transports very well, also when technical equipment is not the high end, so normal head sets do the job quite well.

If you are interested, please
send me a message.


North Indian Classical (Hindustani), Jazz  &  other styles of music

I do offer lessons for various styles of music on the Indian Bamboo Flute, the Bansuri. My personal background is Jazz on the guitar, but I recognized the Bansuri as a fully mature instrument on which you can play all sort of musical styles. In this way I want to promote the Bansuri as an instrument, but also the possibility to get truly into the Indian Classical Music as well.

In my teachings I can cover:

  • fundamental technique to control the instruments
  • usage of a drone to get good intonation
  • usage of metronome to develop rhythm feel
  • music theories, but practical playing approach goes first
    – North Indian Hindustani Classical Music (Taal, Raag)
    – Jazz & Western Music (general music theory)
  • … and much more, due to the needs of the participants

For students taking private online lessons or participating in the flute classes in Auroville there also is an internal area on this webpage, where additional teaching material will be provided.


These programs are running under the Auroville activity
“Divine Arts”
I am living in Auroville, South India, and my income generating activities all go under the required umbrellas.
With you contribution you do not only support me and my family, but also the International Township of Auroville.

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