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The Indian Bamboo Flute, the Bansuri, is great to learn via online lessons. The sound of this flutes transports very well, also when technical equipment is not the high end, so normal head sets do the job quite well.

Also the instrument is easy to carry, and all you need to get in contact with me is a smart phone, but of course a computer with webcam or a tablet is also very suitable.

Below is a video demo and introduction to the possibility to have online lessons. This works very well, as the internet connection is good. If you are interested, please send me a message. You can use the given telephone number also for the messengers “Signal” or “WhatsApp”, or send me a message via email or via the contact form. Also you might contact me via skype, my ID there is “practicalmethodberlin”.

Learn to play the Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) online – Hindustani, Jazz and more

What we can cover in online lessons:

  • Basics on how to hold, blow, creating sound
  • general principles on how to practice
  • North Indian Classical Music (Hindustani Music)
  • Jazz
  • and much more

“Sheet Music” and mp3 to enhance your learning can be provided easiliy!


Activity under the legal umbrella of the trusts of Auroville

I am living in Auroville, South India, and my income generating activities all go under the required umbrellas. With you contribution you do not only support me and my family, but also the International Township of Auroville.

All rates can be found … here.

Hope to see you soon and have a nice day,

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